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Unique holiday with Places Bornholm

At Places Bornholm, we are fully focused on holiday trips to Bornholm. We were formed in 2022, but our employees have over 15 years of industry experience and have welcomed thousands of holidaymakers to our beautiful island since 2006.
We have many holiday guests and they are all important to us. In practice, this means that we provide a high level of information and that you can ask us for advice on matters large and small in connection with your holiday. We look forward to every time we get a visit "from above". Our committed staff does everything to ensure that our guests have a wonderful holiday.

At Places Bornholm you can book a holiday that suits you. We have both hotels and holiday parks and offer accommodation in hostels and hostels. We have short and long holidays and package tours - and you can book your very own unique holiday with exactly the stay, content and experiences you want.

We are of course a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund.

We are your local travel agentcy at Bornholm

Places Bornholm is a 100% local agency with an office in South Bornholm and permanent employees who know all Bornholm's fun experiences, lovely beaches, good restaurants and secret natural gems. We do this because we live and work on the island, and therefore we can also guide you to the best holiday.

Sun, beach and hotel holidays

Then there is the holiday! Bornholm offers the most hours of sunshine in Denmark and some of the very best beaches you can find in Northern Europe. Places Bornholm offers the best selection of accommodation on Bornholm, so there is something for everyone. You can choose to stay at our own beautiful hotel; Hotel Blomme's Place in Snogebæk, or book a holiday at the best of the island's other hotels, holiday parks, hostels and hostels.

The experiences are part of the holiday

Bornholm is only 588 km2 in size, but offers many experiences, beautiful and varied nature, and exciting sights in its manageable area. In fact, it can be quite difficult to choose what you want among the many options - but you can find lots of inspiration on our website, so the choice will be a little easier.

When you book your holiday with Places Bornholm, you have the opportunity to choose exactly the activities you want to experience on Bornholm. Here are delicious eateries where you can taste local delicacies, beautiful nature for active holiday experiences on bike and on foot, at sea in a kayak or on a surfboard and exciting guided tours. You can also experience art, culture and participate in joint activities for the whole family. Bornholm offers many museums and experience centers where there is something for everyone. Among other things, you can visit Bornholm's Art Museum, the Raptor Show, NaturBornholm and Brændesgårdshaven.

When you book experiences through us, you also get them a little cheaper.

We book your flight ticket

Places Bornholm is happy to book your flight ticket for the holiday. This applies regardless of the type of holiday you book through Places Bornholm. We refer guests who wish to travel by ferry or bus to the Bornholm line.